Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

Day 7 brings us this:

I bought some of that Kraft Glassine earlier in the year thinking, hey, that's cool, but having no idea what to do with it. Seems I wasn't the only one, so for this tag, Tim made a great video on how to work with the stuff, including various ways to colour it, distress it, etc etc.  Here's the card I made using the kraft glassine for the holly:

I did mine a little different as I prefer the crisp white look to the brown distressed, and, you know, I need some glitter. :)   Glitter Ritz on the Sookwang tape is one of my favourite types of sparkle because it's super sparkly and doesn't "shed" too much. If you've used loose glitter lately, you know what I mean.

Initially, I cut out a flourish of grungeboard, then a flourish of sticky tape, then tried to stick the two together. Seriously? What was I thinking???  The light went on and I tried it again by cutting the grungeboard with the tape on top. MUCH better.

Then, I sprinkled on some glitter and burnished it on with my finger. The burnishing helps it adhere, plus makes it more sparkly (if that's even POSSIBLE). It ends up feeling super soft (like velvet... hence the name "burnished velvet").

I cut "JOY" with my Cameo 2x. On the background piece I stuck some more Sookwang tape, and then layered the detail cut on top. Glitter was adhered to the open sticky area.

Put it all together, and what do you get? Glittery goodness, that's what!

Thanks for looking!

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