Monday, January 9, 2012

Working on my first resolution....

So, I made some scrapbooking resolutions this year. One of them was to make my own cards. I seriously can't believe how much it costs to buy a card in the store. And if it's a cool one, that really suits the recipient, somehow these cost upwards of $5! (Same thing happens for me with clothing, btw... I always like the expensive ones.)

Anyway, I resolved this year to make all my birthday cards. Not the ones for me, I mean. That would be silly (but they'd say really nice things like, "Rona, you look really young for your age... can't believe you're 39 already").  So, to be proactive, I'm starting now. I think I'll need to stockpile 4 or 5 cards to have ready at a moment's notice.

Last year, I picked up some Inky Antics HoneyPOP stamps that are really cute. They're great for Copic colouring, and are made to have a surprise inside the card.  Here's the outside of the first one I've made:

And inside...

The best thing about these cards is the honeycomb bit that ends up 3D inside the card.

The cards are actually very easy to make. The only trick is to have a double crease in the middle of the card (1/8" apart).  Inky Antics has made a little video on how to do this:

I had my daughter helping me with these cards. I even let her use my Copics. She has no idea how lucky she is. :)  Anyway, one card down!

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