Saturday, December 24, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Finally! Day 12! I did it! I was a little uncertain whether I'd get through all of this and be able to post before Christmas but I did! (Luckily, hubby has popped out to pick up some Indian food for dinner, so I'm able to squeeze this in.).

Tim's tag from Day 12:

Very pretty colours. Maybe I could do without the creepy doll.

For my card, I kept a few of the techniques Tim used. For example, he had a background on the tag before he put the tissue paper on.  I did this:

Now, if I were doing this card again, I wouldn't bother with this step because it didn't really show up in the end.  I didn't have the Tim tissue paper, so I thought I would just stamp my own. I had to experiment a bit, because the distress ink (on the left below) didn't stay crisp at all, so I used the versafine instead (on the right below).  Much better. The stamp was in reverse, so I used the back of the tissue paper for the card so it would look right way around.  Both sides look exactly the same, for the record.

Here I finished off the card with some drippy goo punched foil tape along the top, and a few snowflakes, painted white with blue stickles rubbed over them. Whew!

I'll be back soon to post a couple of other projects I worked on for Christmas.

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