Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Need for Speed

(Cue the "A Team" theme song...) I love it when a plan comes together.

I recently (well, *last year*, but I moved house so haven't had a chance to play) acquired some of the newer Evalicious line "On My Way."  When I get new goodies, I leave them on my desk for a bit until something clicks about how to use them.  Organizing my stash, I came across the Pink Paislee "Cedar Lane" line and, wouldn't you know it, they have very similar colour schemes. We haven't had any big travels or road trips lately, but the pup *does* love a car ride to the dog park.  A plan was borne.

The new epoxy stickers are gorgeous... see the heart above? They're so nice and shiny.

Mixing in a few of the original woodgrain puffy letters.

While moving house, I acquired an old Remington Portable 5 typewriter. It's SO much fun to type on these journaling cards with it. :) I really need to work on the accuracy of my typing, though. No delete key!

And I'll leave you with this pic of Remy the bernedoodle, in heaven with her hair blowing in the breeze... it sure is a dog's life!

Supplies: Evalicious On My Way embellishments, Pink Paislee Cedar Lane 6x6 paper pad


  1. Aww very cute! I have yet to use the typewriter I brought home from my Dad's, this reminded me!

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