Friday, June 8, 2012

Long time, no post!

Sorry it's been so long.... I just started back to work 3 days/week. That plus baseball tournaments, physio for my son, and a little trip over to sunny Las Vegas, I haven't been able to squeeze in much time to scrap! But, today, I woke up this morning inspired! Hopped onto my computer to blog and.... no internet!!! Seems to be ok now, but who knows how long it will last!

So, quick, while the kids are out riding their bikes, I'll happily blog away...

I want to share a layout I made with the American Crafts Amy Tangerine paper and fabric tags. Love the bright colours in this release. It was so hard to pick the paper.... so many that I liked!

Just for the record, I purposefully spelled trampoline as "tramapoline" due to a Simpson's reference (and now that I've googled it to link it, I see that it should have been "tramampoline" ugh!). Still, it's my own scrapbook and it can be our little secret... shhhh!

One of the papers is a page full of frames, so that led me to my page inspiration of having it look like an art gallery. I used PhotoSheet to resize a bunch of photos and fussycut the frames out.

For the main photo, I didn't have a frame large enough, so I Frankensteined a piece of paper to fit.  First, I cut out two opposite corners, leaving lots of excess. I made sure that the pattern on each side was at least the length and width of my photo (6x8 in this case).

Here's how it looked roughly.

Then I used my trusty washi tape to secure the corners in place. I fiddled with it a bit to try to make the pattern as seamless as possible. The colour match was a bit off, but I find I worry less about this than I used to.

Once I had the corners matched up better, I adhered the frame together, and fussycut the remainder of the scallops.

The title is cut on the Cameo. I wrote the title out and offset it a bit with black cardstock to create a border around it. The actual pink letters were separated out and rotated so the the pattern would be random directions when it was completed.

That's it, that's all! Now onto the next project!

Materials:  American Crafts Amy Tangerine paper and fabric tags, Bazzill cardstock (what? that's it?)


  1. Love that title! Excellent color combo as well, plus a very cool technique. Nice!!!

  2. Loving your layout! I really like how you did your frame!