Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

I started working on this layout at the last all day crop at Scrapbook Queens. I ran out of time... can you believe it? Two and a half layouts in 14 hours. Way too much fun and chatting. It was a great way to spend the day.

Now that I have it home, I've finished it off with some work on my Cameo. I wanted to have some clear iridescent bubbles on there, but after searching the internet for ideas, the closest I could find were made of glass, and I don't want that in my book.  Next idea was to use my Twinkling H20's, as I have several whites that are iridescent. Then, I pulled out some vellum as it was the closest thing to clear that would take the paint.

Next, grab a good bubble shape from the Silhouette Studio library. Scrreeeech.... no good file. What? Actually, I was pretty shocked because they really have everything on there. Or so I thought. Good news is that bubbles are round, and I can make circles. :) I fancied them up a little and made my own file (available for download here (download Bubbles studio file in Google docs).

I cut the bubbles out of vellum and painted them with stripes of Iridescent Violet and Iridescent Green. Needless to say, when the vellum got wet, it went all crinkly (like printer paper would), so I waited for it to dry and then had to iron them. Funny, I iron scrapbooking stuff but not clothes. :) Anyway, they were done and I moved on to the title.

I wanted to try something different, so played around with different fonts. Then I started playing around with the line types. I thought it would be cool to do an internal offset and make it be a dashed line... it would look like stitching without all the work! I'll save that idea for another day, though.  I decided to do a dotted line on the outside of the text, and print pink-on-pink.

Something else I learned today.  After one piece of nice cardstock and several sheets of copy paper, I googled to find out why my text print and cut was NOT printing on my Cameo.  Well, turns out that you need to turn the printing feature on in the line style.  From the Silhouette site:

To turn on lines for printing, please do the following:
  1. Go to the "Line Style" icon (located along the top right toolbar - it is the icon that looks like a serial of varying dashed and solid line styles)
  2. Select your desired image(s)
  3. Check the box in the "Line Style" menu labeled "Print Lines of Selected Images".
This will have all lines from selected images print.
I hope that saves somebody the extra 30 minutes it took me to print the title (and I wonder why layouts take me so long... sigh).  Here's the text ready to print:

You can see that "print lines of selected shapes" is ticked on the lower right.  Also, I rotated one of the words 180 degrees in order to conserve paper.

I have to say that this was probably the most complicated title I've ever made. On top of the above issues, I also welded the text and then went back and editted the points so that all the letters properly joined each other. Sometimes script letters don't end up touching each other properly (like I joined the beginning of the "L" to the "B") Finished text product:

It still needed a little oomph, so I added Stickles for good measure. :)

In putting together the rest of the layout, I used tons of bling. I have so much of it. Today I realized that I need to use it, not collect it, so I piled it on.  The cheap bling from the dollar store doesn't hold its shape very well when you pull it off its sheet, so I use vinyl transfer paper to make the process easier.  Sparkle everywhere.... Stickles on the title, pink cardstock glimmer misted, and tons of swirls and hearts. Perfect layout for my girly-girl daughter. :)

Supplies: Basic Grey "Life of the Party" patterned paper, pink Bazzill cardstock, Stampin Up kraft paper, various sources of bling including Prima, Kaisercraft and Forever In Time, Stickles, "Perfect Pearl" Perfect Pearls Mist, vellum, Twinkling H20s


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